Friday, December 12, 2008

Make this world a better place -- Sri Sri

Bangalore Ashram

Guruji: How are you all? Yes you should be good. Problems? What problems? Listen listen… let me tell you all your problems classified together can be put together into four baskets. Tell me what are your problems? Job,boss..(laughter ) , Promotion…ok Career… What else? Ok so lets put all these problems in one basket. In this basket we have allyour career related problems including jobs, promotions, change in job etc in one basket. Ok what else? Health. The worries related to your health. Oh! This is happening to me that is happening to me. What will I do!?!? Lets put all you health related issues in one basket. All youir unnecessary fear lets put them all in one basket. Then what else? Relationship! ! Yes! You huge portion of worries are related to your relationships. Either it's the mother in law, ordaughter in law…its husband, or marriage in case of the unmarried ones! Isn't it?

You know 60% - 70% of your thoughts are occupied about the relationship issues. About your friends, parents, in laws, siblings, spouse… And by thinking thinking about something so much you get tired!! And when you talk to someone, you talk about nothing but your problems!! But there is one more basket. The spiritual worries. This basket is never full! This should contain worries like, Oh! What will happen to the country after one year? What will I do to reduce pollution for my city? Issues like politicians, racisms, and pollution…Not many people seem to be having these worries! (Laughter). The basket remains pretty empty!! These are Spiritual worries. When this basket starts filling up, just know that the other worries in those other basket are reducing.Or lets put it in this way. When you start worrying about issues in the last basket, then I'll take care of all your worries in the first three baskets! In our life we should have big goals. Like this year this will have 1000 tree plantations by every individual present here. How many of you will dothis, raise your hands, let me see? You know Bangalore traffic is gettingtoo much. To come from places like Vijaynagar and Yelhanka you need almost two hrs!!!

Do you see what I am saying? If you want to make this city a better place to live in, then just know that we have to work together in groups and also as individuals and take responsibility to resolve these issues. Every one should start planting trees.Go to all the shops around and tell them not to use chemical stuff. Yeah,Chemical free soaps. They should just stop it! Tell them it hampers the skin. It is dangerous.And the second thing I would like you all to do is vegetation in your compound. No matter how less is the place
available with you, do some kind of vegetation. That keeps your mind also very healthy. Multiple benefits!!Then respecting the girl child. Education of the girl child. Equal importance to the girl of the house like that to the boy. Please do not have these concepts in your head that only having a boy bay is a matter of prestige and a matter of importance. Don't worry about the last rites!! A girl and a boy are the same and they should enjoy equal rights in the family as well as society.

Last night have you seen that 'Ardhanareshweri' dance performance? So beautiful isn't it? The consciousness is half male and half female. The half of it is Shiva and the rest half is Shakti. One is incomplete without the other. Man is incomplete without the women and so is a woman incomplete without the man. So never have this thought that, Oh! I get Moksha(liberation) only if I have a boy in my house. No. It's not like that at all.So what re the things you should focus on? 1. Plantations of trees. Get together in groups and plant trees.2. Usage of chemical free stuff, products in our regular life.3. Equal importance to a girl child.4. Work together to reduce pollution.Pollution is becoming such a massive issue!! People are getting various diseases due to pollution. We never heard of such diseases before! We have to look into these things. Each time I leave from this any
place there are thirth fourty cars following me all the times!! I tell you it is such a waste in petrol! It s not required. I am at the Satsang, you are seeing me why do you need to see me for just few seconds and come all the way to the Airport. I keep traveling so frequently!! We do our Satsang.

We enjoy at the satsang, have fun, as always!! (laughter) You know recently I went to Bombay. I never told anybody where I was going what time etc.. But there were 1000 people at the airport. I was amazed! I asked someone, "How did you know that I was coming, because I haven't told anyone"? She said, "Oh!Guruji I dreamt that you are coming and just called up a few people and too ka chance, and you came!! (Laughter)!! !What a good networking you have!!! This is Internet! (Laughter)!! You know we should not use vehicle unnecessarily.

We should try and do more and more of car pulling. If you are coming from one place, make sure you have your car full with other people from the same place. Do you understand what I am saying? Very important to be sensitive towards the environment. You know our consciousness is like that of water, only moves down. Till it finds the lowest place it keeps moving.That shows how humble we can be. It is also like the fire.What ever happens its flame only goes up! We need to kindle the fire within us. Spiritual fire brings coolness within, brings enthusiasm and uplifts energy. There are two things: At mouddhara – means, the development of the self. Samajauddhara – means, the development of the society.That much for today!!!( Laughter) !!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Temple

I often sit in the temple across the street from my house in Mumbai. Not to pray, but just to bathe myself in the vibrations of all those that do, all those lucky ones that so easily believe in the divine power of faith ...

I usually have a space in a back corner on the floor of the temple, a little hidden from sight, where I can be the observer rather than the observed. A lot of young actors frequent the temple asking for divine interventions in their careers. Imagine their surprise when they turn around and see one of India's recognizable directors crouched in a corner. They may read too much into divine intervention !

This day someone had taken my place. A nice looking young man, his mouth whispering a silent prayer, eyes closed. He had a cloth laid across his lap as if he planned to be in meditation for a long time. I just quitely crouched on the floor next to him. A little irritated at having my secluded corner usurped.

His whispering stopped. I turned and he was staring at me. I suddenly noticed his nice looks and extremely wide broad shoulders. An actor I thought. For they spend half their lives in the Gym.

But he sounded more humble and had no self consciousness. He asked me why I had forsaken my fans in India and gone to the West. He spoke intelligently about my films and about cinema in general. He even extracted a promise from me to make my next film in India and in Hindi.

What did he do ? He was an assistant accountant in a small firm in Mumbai by day and was studying computers by night. He had come from a village from northern India and was sending home money monthly to support his parents, who were now too old to work in the fields. Saving money to do that meant certain sacrifices.

like walking to the temple every morning from his shared shelter in a slum 2 miles away. To save bus fare. And then to work.

He suddenly smiled, put a hand out to touch my feet, and said goodbye. As he removed his cloth from his lap and moved away from me, I realized why this young man had such strong shoulders,

He had no legs. They were just small shrivelled useless bone and skin tucked permanently under is upper body. He moved by pushing himself along his haunches.

Two miles everyday to say a prayer.


Courtesy:- Shekar Kapur's blog