Friday, February 6, 2009

Do You Know Everybody's Mind?

Q: Do you know everybody's mind?

Sri Sri: You know what happened when we were coming to Surat from Mumbai in train for Mahasatsang. There were two ladies in the same train as we were travelling in. They were longing to meet me. They couldn't meet me in Mumbai and thought it would be almost impossible to meet in Surat.

Few devotees where scheduled to meet me at Valsad station. Before we could finish the train started. Me and Rishi Nityaprogya ji (Nitin Bhaiya) ran and jumped into one of the boggies. It was a ladies coach [Huge laughter]. The two ladies were sitting in the same boggie. They started crying like anything after seeing me. Then I sat with them for half an hour and spoke to them. Longing always increases but never gets completed. Love increases but never completes.

During my agnyat vaas, I asked our driver, to drive the car in some remote village. I asked him to take left and right, here and there.Then I asked him to stop in front of a small house. It was a farmers house. Once I entered the house, everybody saw me. The whole family was so happy to see me. The farmer said he wanted to see me since such a long time but never knew how to reach me. Then I also visited a few farmers near by, they also wanted to meet me since long but would never get a chance due to their duties and work. I spent some time talking to them. They all became very happy. So you never know when I'll go where. I can come anywhere, anytime. So better keep you house neat and clean.

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