Friday, November 21, 2008

Express Yourself

Our personality and attitude in life keeps changing with time. It could be for good or for worse.

It could be a moment or a person or an incident that can influence us for the good or bad.

Let me explain to you my the then personality. I was a very reserved in my childhood. I would often withdraw myself in my room, read books (school books, magazines, novels, newspapers anything that I can lay my hands on), listen to music and be in my own world. I was a brilliant student and was praised in my school for my academic talents. I was also good in theatre and writing and had won many prizes. I had an ego and would rather listen than talk. I was friendly but not open with anybody. I would never ask anybody nor would let anybody interfere with my privacy. I would happily take favours and stay PUT. I was different. I would visit my relatives and just smile and stay PUT. I liked the company of people but at the same time would stay aloof.

Two people changed my life:

I was in my early teens in 1993 struggling with college and diploma. I had to travel to V.T. (a station in Mumbai now called as Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus) for my diploma and that's how I met this girl. We were a group of 10 girls. This girl was very elder to me but we hit off well. She would tell me the deepest secrets of her life, her thoughts and had considered me as her bosom pal. I would listen offer advice (though I was younger – always giving advice to people… used to it), but, I could never open up with her. In fact, I would be bewildered with the thought that how can she tell me so many things. We hardly know each other. I have never told anyone about how many sisters and brothers I have forget telling deep secrets and sharing life.. God…

She would carry food for me, book a seat for me in the train and was all for me. I was happy. I had the habit of people pampering me. I would not do anything in return but would enjoy all the attention that I get. Then suddenly I lost her in the Bomb Blast of 1993. I was very young and this episode shook me up. God, I never told her anything. I was never close to her. I never did anything for her. Now, that I want to do, she is not there with me. Now that I have lost her, I cannot change my past.

But, she changed my life. I was no more a reserved person. I never waited for anyone to say hello to me. I would go out of my way to help people, to initiate a conversation. I had no egos. I had no tomorrow. It is now or never. Till date I live that way and have changed at least 10 – 15 people since 1993. I explain to every one do not wait.. do and say now… now is yours, this moment is yours. I quote this incident to everyone and I do not feel shy to tell people that I was a reserved person. Today nobody believes me, as I am the most wanted person whether it is a party, small get-to-gether or any other occasion. Today I have people around every where.

I am happy for what I am today and happier when few people come and tell me that I have brought a pleasant change in their life.

My first job and my boss was in his early 20's. He was a millionaire but a very down to earth person. The moment he got off his car he would not only wish the security with warmth then the door keeper then the lift man but also drop one liner's that would make them feel happy. He was very friendly and cheerful throughout the day.

I learnt from him however big you are a smile and few warm words can bring light in any person. I follow him till date.

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